Post Office Update: USPS working with SOHO to preserve historic aspects of post office after sale


By Pat Sherman

San Diego-based Save Our Heritage Organisation (


) confirmed that it is in negotiations with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to assure the character of the historic Wall Street post office is preserved if USPS sells the building, as planned.

USPS spokesperson Diana Alvarado said the postal service hopes to have the building on the market as early as August.

“The USPS has defined what they consider to be the historic defining characteristics that need to be preserved and placed onto an easement, which would be transferred with the deed of the property should the building be put on the market and sold to private ownership,” Alvarado stated in an e-mail. “We are waiting for the concurrence from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).”

SOHO, or possibly another third-party entity, would become the easement enforcer once the property is sold and transfers out of USPS ownership, assuring the historic aspects of the post office building at 1140 Wall St. are maintained.

“It is my understanding that once we have agreement with a covenant enforcer, SHPO should give us clearance and we can market the building, Alvarado said.

The building’s interior WPA-era Belle Baranceanu mural will remain property of the postal service once the building is sold. It will be the responsibility of SOHO or whoever USPS finds to enforce the easement to ensure the mural and building façade are maintained, should the new owner decide to do any renovations.