Porkyland cuts out frills

It’s no surprise that a place called Porkyland is casual and strictly no-frills. What you might not expect to find at this delightful little hole in the wall would be the mouthwatering Mexican take-out food you get - at prices that almost rival fast-food eateries. Nevertheless, this is no fast-food place. Everything is prepared to order, even though the service is lickety-split.

There really isn’t much indoor seating at this tiny neighborhood eatery. Aside from the wrap around counter on one side of the restaurant, the only place to eat at Porkyland is outside. However, the small private grotto-style patio on one side of the eatery is a fine spot for munching on tacos or carnitas. And the quality of the food makes a trip to Porkyland satisfying - even without the fancy amenities.

Order from the counter and watch them prepare your food to order. Naturally, pork is king of the hill at Porkyland, so try the pork tamale, carnitas, or pork and hominy soup (Pozole). Prices are as modest as the surroundings.

You can get seven different taco preparations at Porkyland, starting at $1.25 for a mini ($2.20 - $2.35 for a regular sized taco).

Burritos come in two sizes: regular ($2.59) or jumbo ($3.75). Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the hefty portion. And unlike many informal Mexican eateries, Porkyland makes the tortillas fresh all day long. After all, it’s a tortilla factory, not just a Mexican restaurant.

The tortas (traditional Mexican sandwiches) are also great choices at Porkyland. You can select carnitas, carne asada, al pastor, fish, or chicken stew.

All these items are available in bulk as well for take-out. Carnitas are $7.69 for a portion that serves three to four people. (Half orders are $3.99).

There’s nothing fancy about the presentations or the ambiance at Porkyland. But if you enjoy authentic Mexican food - and appreciate low prices - you’ll make your way to Porkyland before long. The restaurant is part of the mini-food court on Torrey Pines Road, just before you get to the Village. There’s limited parking right outside the door.

Porkyland is located at 1030 Torrey Pines Road. For more information contact them at (858) 459-1708.