Pop Warner cheer turns to CrossFit

By Phil Dailey


CrossFit has been around now for more than a decade, but recently in La Jolla, the fitness phenomenon is taking on a new twist, thanks to Chrisanna Northrup.

Northrup was so impressed with the results she was able to obtain with the program she wanted to pass it — and the tons of fun that’s also involved — down to the youth of the community. So next time you’re at La Jolla Pop Warner game this coming season, take notice of the cheer squad — they may be in better shape that anyone else on the field.

“For me I got leaner, more muscular ... ,” Northrup said.

So much so, that she got into the kids’ side of it and obtained certification as an instructor.

As the cheer director for La Jolla Pop Warner, she said, it just made perfect sense to incorporate the workouts into her team’s training.

“I can’t even believe how much the kids have responded with it and they are having so much with it,” Northrup said. “You progressively get better and better and better and everything and it carries over into whatever sport you do; you jump higher, you run faster, you’re stronger. It’s just really, really a neat thing.”

CrossFit, which is essentially a 20-minute workout comprised of strength and conditioning which promotes overall fitness, has routines that change each day, which keeps it fresh as well as interesting for the kids who are participating.

It also helps them pursue and achieve personal goals.

“It’s not about competing against your teammates. Your teammates are there to support and to push you,” Northrup said. “It’s about competing against yourself. Everyday you wanna get a little bit stronger, a little bit faster and more flexible. And this program is designed and setup to do that. Evert single day you’re gonna get better.”

The idea to incorporate the workouts with her cheer team came from a story she heard about a soccer team in Ramona. After only winning a few games, that team went on to be a much improved squad once it added the CrossFit training.

So naturally, Northrup thought her kids could also benefit from it.

“It carries over into every sport you do,” she said.”

Where to go for CrossFit?

There is already a CrossFit gym in La Jolla for adults (5701 La Jolla Blvd.) and in the coming months, they hope to add the kids version as well.

“Through CrossFit La Jolla, I’m actually going to start the CrossFit kids program there sometime after football season. So we’ll set up a program for kids and teenagers to work out when their parents do,” Northrup said.

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