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As a youth growing up in Solana Beach, Fairbrother was introduced to surfing early on by his older brother, Tomas, who, at the time, was one of the best surfers in the area along with Charlie Cockle, Cheer Critchlow, and Robin Drew.

Blessed with natural athleticism and mind-body coordination, it was not long before young Fairbrother, an expert bodysurfer by the age of nine, became an expert at surfing.

A passionate, diehard surfer, Fairbrother immersed himself into surfing and surfing culture. By the time he was in high school, he had already surfed most of San Diego County and upper Mexico and had surfed and gone to school in Australia.

When he returned to the States, his naturally chestnut brown hair was long and bleached white from the sun. He brought two surfboards back with him: one a beautifully airbrushed, hand-shaped Terry Fitzgerald and the other a seven -foot, ice blue, pintail gun shaped by Bob Mactavish himself.

During high school, Fairbrother would skip class with his buddies and head to the beach to continue his education in surfology. He preferred hard-breaking waves in shallow water to soft crumblers. Black’s Beach was a favored destination, but back then it was like an all day trip to surf there.

As much as Fairbrother loved surfing, he also loved to read and write. Equally as skilled with a pen as a surfboard, there was never a time when Fairbrother was not immersed a book or five, usually while working on his own writing as well.

Considered a literary genius in modern times, Fairbrother’s work will be read and appreciated by many future generations to come.

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