Podiatrists recommend laser therapy for best toenail fungus treatment


By Jay S. Berenter, DPM

In past columns, we’ve detailed the innovative new Cool Touch laser therapy procedure for onychomycosis, or fungal toenails. We believe this to be the

best toenail fungus treatment

currently available to patients, and encourage anyone suffering from nail fungus to learn more about how the Cool Touch laser works. Unlike traditional fungus treatments, which carry potentially dangerous side effects, the Cool Touch laser is safe, non-invasive and fully effective – and requires neither internal medication nor surgical downtime.

The Cool Touch laser system works by penetrating deep inside the nail and destroying fungus. Without causing any damage to the nail tissues, the laser kills fungal infections to make way for clean, healthy nail growth. Over the past two years, our technicians have developed a treatment plan of four bi-weekly laser therapy sessions, each of which takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and requires zero patient recovery time. This virtually painless procedure has helped countless individuals overcome the aesthetic and social discomforts associated with toenail fungus -- and with summer already upon us, now is the ideal time to get started with Cool Touch laser treatments before beach season comes to a close.

Complimentary consultations and cutting-edge medical service with a San Diego podiatrist

New medical treatments bring exciting potential to our practice. However, we also realize that many patients will have questions about therapies like the Cool Touch laser, and strive to offer as much information as possible so that individuals can make informed treatment decisions. At my

San Diego podiatry clinic

, we offer complimentary consultations to all patients interested in learning more about the Cool Touch laser toenail fungus treatment. In addition, we charge on a per-nail basis, making it easier for patients to afford this revolutionary laser therapy.

As a professional podiatrist with decades’ experience treating toenail fungus, I am excited to offer

Cool Touch laser therapy

at my San Diego office. I have spent the last two years perfecting my approach to laser nail fungus therapy, and am eager to welcome new patients to my practice for what I believe to be the safest, most effective treatment option on the market. Don’t wait to get rid of toenail fungus: instead, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. To get in touch or learn more about nail fungus and the Cool Touch laser procedure, visit us online: