Plucky new book on La Jolla’s history

Have you ever wondered how the streets of La Jolla got their names? Or how the mail was delivered in the days before addresses? A new book by George F. Silvani, “From the Files of the La Jolla Historical Society,” will answer those questions and many others.

Silvani, a retired naval engineer and 20-year La Jolla Historical Society volunteer, said he hopes the book will also provide readers with a humorous glance into the lives of the lesser-known residents of La Jolla who were instrumental in the community’s settlement.

Silvani notes in the book’s introduction that there are “about 60-linear feet of material in the four-drawer safes that hold the heart of La Jolla history.

“The people and events (featured in this book) were not chosen at random from the files, but selected from those folders that contained and showed promise of a previously unpublished or of a generally little-known narrative.”

His compilation of stories will keep readers captivated as they learn a little more about their beloved community. As Silvani writes, “If you find reading the small bits of history in this book informative, and get a few chuckles doing so, I will be pleased.”

About the book

‘From the Files of the La Jolla Historical Society,’ by George F. Silvani, $9.99 (plus tax), is available at the historical society offices, 7846 Eads. Office hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. (858) 459-5335.