PLJ heads up sidewalk cleaning project on Girard

As part of an ongoing effort to polish the Jewel, the sidewalk on both sides of Girard Avenue from Prospect Street to Silverado Street got a scrubbing.

That was the good news reported May 27 at Promote La Jolla’s (PLJ’s) Streetscape/Design Committee’s monthly meeting about concrete steps being taken to fulfill its mission of improving and beautifying the Village’s streetscape.

“They used power cleaning to remove all the caked-on gum that sucks up the water so it doesn’t get down in the storm drains,” committee chair Glen Rasmussen said.

Truth Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing of San Diego did the work for $600, for which it hopes to get reimbursed by Business Improvement District Council funds.

Showing the possibilities

“We also had them do the gutters,” Rasmussen said. “It was done as a demonstration to see what it would be like for the rest of the Village.”

Such cleaning needs to be done professionally, he explained, adding that previous steam cleaning of sidewalk sections by less-professional means just cleaned the gum without removing it.

“Power washing takes all the gum off and none of the water gets down in the storm drain so it’s legal and very controllable,” he said.

Hopefully, added Rasmussen, the qualitative difference in how much cleaner that high-traffic section of the Village now is will serve as a model and “get the public excited” about the tangible benefits of community cleanup.

News racks next

At the April meeting of PLJ’s streetscape committee, the group formed numerous subcommittees and recruited willing volunteers to staff them.

Jim Reed, chairman of the group’s news rack subcommittee, which is seeking to eliminate and/or standardize unsightly or illegal racks, said the city department enforcing their regulation has been downsized down to one person.

That person, James Gibbs, has agreed to be briefed on the matter, and Michele Addington is preparing a presentation to clue Gibbs in on the extent of the problem, Reed said.

Another pilot community enhancement project was also announced: Two Big Belly solar-powered trash compactor/recyclers will be placed on Girard Avenue. They are similar to an existing compactor in front of Jeff’s Burgers in La Jolla Shores, which has been highly successful in streamlining trash pickup and beautifying the area.

The next meeting of the group, held every fourth Monday, will be at 5:30 p.m. at 1150 Silverado St.