PLJ changes venues

Promote La Jolla (PLJ) has been on the move, both philosophically and geographically.

The Business Improvement District, which has resided at 1150 Silverado Ave. the past 15 years, has a new home: Suite G in the Crosby Center at 7734 Hershel Ave. next to La Jolla Town Council’s office.

“We finished the move on Thursday (March 5),” said Rick Wildman, PLJ’s new president. “We saved $450 a month in rent.”

The move was also made for reasons other than cost, however.

“We’re trying to get this community together - that’s one way to do it,” said Wildman.

“Everybody’s happy about it. It’s just another sign of this community coming together.

Tiffany Sherer, PLJ’s executive director, pointed out the Business Improvement District and the town council shared space together previously in the former Saks Fifth Avenue building back in the early ‘90s when it was occupied by a bank.

“We’re all back together, which is great,” she said.

Darcy Ashley, town council president, said PLJ’s new home has been vacant since the La Jolla Art Association moved in late January to La Jolla Shores where they are more visible to walk-by traffic.

“We didn’t need all the space in that half of the office,” she said. “There wasn’t a reason to go back to a full space. We’re very happy in the space that we have.”

PLJ’s phone number, 858-454-5718, remains unchanged.