Playground is open for all to enjoy


At 2 o’clock on July 3, the fence came down. At first there was a bit of trepidation, was it finally open? Then screaming children rushed in; smiling parents followed. Twin slides, new swings, a manta ray climber, blender spinner, and Junior Lifeguard-themed towers, the children were standing in line at each of the 48 play stations in the new playground at Kellogg Park.The holiday had begun!

In early August we will add eight full-color panels on the interior of the guard towers depicting underwater scenes from the La Jolla Marine Reserve. These graphics of marine life will tie back to the bronze medallions embedded in “The Map” adjacent to the playground. In early September we will have a community party and ribbon-cutting ceremony that will be open to all and will celebrate the community that brought the playground back to life.

We are continuing to move forward with the bronze statue of J.J. the Orphaned Baby Gray Whale. She is almost ready to be taken to the foundry with installation at the north end of the playground scheduled before the end of the year. If you have interest and care to join our on-going efforts; we are continuing to raise funds for this project at

On behalf of all La Jollans I thank Adam Harris, Deborah Marengo and their team for preserving the July Fourth Fireworks. As I sat in the chilly darkness on Saturday night looking skyward I could not help but bask in the warmth of the wonderful community in which we live. Thanks to her dedicated volunteers and citizens La Jolla had a great holiday weekend. Please have a great summer and come play on our new playground which is, after all, open for all to enjoy.

Jim Heaton is chairman of the La Jolla Shores Association board.