Plastic surgery tourism: is it worth the savings?


By John G. Apostolides, MD


plastic surgery tourism

industry is on the rise, according to a recent report in


magazine. From Belgium to Poland, Slovakia to the Ukraine, plastic surgery patients are flocking in increasingly greater numbers to combine exotic vacations and cosmetic surgery procedures – a strategy that Forbes calls, “killing two birds with one operation.” Given the popularity of Eastern European destinations and the luxury hotels that have begun offering plastic surgery packages for foreign guests, it is no surprise that plastic surgery tourism is attracting more patients. The question remains, however: is it safe? And if not, what are the risks?

Surgery vacations: the perks and risks of plastic surgery abroad

Forbes cites autumn as a prime time for plastic surgery tourism, with mild weather, fewer tourists and affordable travel deals on hotels, airline tickets and other vacation packages. Combine these attractions with the current trend in double surgery (couples or pairs of friends who undergo surgery together), and there are plenty of reasons to consider taking one’s plastic surgery plans abroad rather than sticking with a local clinic. However, as exciting and luxurious as a plastic surgery vacation may sound (even high-end hotel chains like Hyatt and Ritz Carlton are promoting “recovery retreats” for travelers recovering from cosmetic procedures), there are critical factors that all prospective patients should consider before moving forward with such plans.

While many European hospitals are undoubtedly performing successful surgeries, it is important to separate marketing hype from medical reality. Plastic surgery is not simply another spa treatment, and any form of plastic surgery can involve serious medical risk if performed by an inexperienced or inadequately trained surgeon, or in an under-equipped facility. In addition, oversight organizations and certification standards may be different abroad than in the U.S., making it more difficult for patients to ensure that their surgeons are board-certified and sufficiently experienced to be providing advertised services. Finally, in the event of an emergency, patients who opt for plastic surgery abroad will not have access to their regular physician or local hospital, nor will they necessarily experience the same form of care, or benefit from the same medical insurance coverage, that they might expect here at home.

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