Plastic surgery for men on the rise as social acceptance and workplace pressures increase


By John G. Apostolides, MD

For years, plastic surgery was seen as a women’s market; but these days,

plastic surgery for men

is enjoying a slow but steady rise. As social acceptance for cosmetic procedures builds, thanks in part to greater media coverage in the form of reality TV programs, female patients have grown more open about sharing their procedures with friends and family. In turn, men have begun to follow suit; and now, the tough economy and competitive job market have made male and female applicants alike increasingly aware of the role appearance plays in hirability.

According to a recent piece for the

Los Angeles Times

, the number of men undergoing plastic surgery procedures has gone up 121% since 1997, with male patients constituting 9% of all surgical and non-surgical procedure cases as of last year. Industry experts point to a variety of factors influencing this trend, ranging from advances in medical technology and the increase in outpatient cosmetic procedures to greater information availability via the Internet and television media. In addition, with many of the nation’s baby boomers either at or on the cusp of turning 65, aging – as well as efforts to conceal its trademark lines and wrinkles – has become a huge consideration for those seeking social or economic advancement. The


reports that people between the ages of 35 and 64 constitute 71% of cosmetic procedure patients nationwide – and that, because age shows up quickly and noticeably in the face and accumulation of abdominal fat, eyelid surgery and abdominal liposuction surgery are among the most popular procedures for men in that age group.

Other popular procedures for male patients include everything from rhinoplasty to male breast reduction to face-lifts; and in an increasingly youth-oriented culture where even CEOs of major companies are just as likely to be 30-somethings as salt-and-peppered veteran businessmen, industry experts expect the trend towards male plastic surgery to continue.

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