Plastic surgery alternatives: innovative anti-aging solutions for any budget

By John G. Apostolides, MD

As noted in past columns, plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. However, there are still many individuals who would prefer effective, affordable

plastic surgery alternatives

to invasive procedures. Fortunately, advances in today’s medical technology have increased access to anti-aging, skin rejuvenating treatments designed to suit any budget. Whether you are interested in an over-the-counter product for plumper lips or smoother skin, or whether you would prefer to consult a board certified plastic surgeon about non-invasive treatments like fillers or laser therapy, chances are you can find a viable plastic surgery alternative to suit your needs.

A recent

MSN Health

report highlighted several of the latest do-it-yourself beauty treatments that provide an alternative to plastic surgery. From products like The Silk’n Face FX skin tightening laser ($299) to lip-plumping Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss ($15), from the so-called

Facelift Bungee

($24.99) to a simple eyebrow wax, these relatively inexpensive products claim to give users a non-permanent and non-customized (but also highly affordable) version of desired results from procedures like laser therapy, Botox, facelift plastic surgery and eyebrow lift surgery.

Of course, when it comes to lasting results designed to suit individual patients, there is substitute for the services of an experienced medical professional. While products like those listed above can offer temporary skin tightening and plumping, they may not work for everyone – and require repeated use to maintain results. By contrast, customized procedures – both non-invasive, using cosmetic fillers or laser therapies, and invasive, using surgical techniques -- can be targeted to each patient’s individual trouble spots for individualized, effective and longer-lasting results.

For those who aren’t sure about committing to plastic surgery, temporary consumer products are an ideal way to “test drive” more permanent procedures, or to get a “quick fix” for thin lips, sagging skin or drooping brows. However, for those individuals who decide to invest in a more lasting treatment, the best place to start is with a personalized consultation with a trained medical professional.

Anti-aging treatments for naturally beautiful skin


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