Planning your La Jolla home remodel: curb appeal renovations to enhance your home and boost resale value


By Scott Murfey

In many parts of the country, home repairs and remodeling activities are relegated to the warmer spring and summer months. But here in

La Jolla, home remodel

projects can take place at any time of year. As we move into the New Year, many folks will be planning enhancements to their homes – either to improve resale value, or simply to improve their own quality of life. In both cases, so-called

curb appeal renovations

can be a great place to start. From simple touches like fresh paint and new hardware to signature upgrades for the yard and garden, a talented contractor can take any home and give it a fresh, appealing look.

According to a recent

Fox News

report, curb appeal is crucial when it comes to making a first impression – on potential buyers, but also on guests and visitors to your home. The average person forms a first impression within seven to ten seconds; and that means, no matter how beautiful your home is on the inside, it’s the little things on the exterior – the landscaping, driveway, façade, front door, window boxes, shutters – that count. Of course, exterior enhancements can also be a great way to customize your home to fit your lifestyle. Thanks to our sunny year-round weather, many homeowners enjoy outdoor living, making upgrades like barbeques, outdoor fireplaces, spas or light fixtures an ideal way to expand living space and create a private getaway right in your own backyard.

For those considering selling their homes in 2013, the key to curb appeal is simple: repair, refresh, refine. Make a checklist and run through the areas of your home’s exterior likely to come under initial scrutiny. Is the yard neatly trimmed and edged? Do you have some degree of landscaping, and is it in good condition? Are the driveway and front walk in good repair? And of course, look at the façade of the house and consider whether or not new paint is in order, or if fresh trim, shutters or window boxes might give your home a “facelift.” Painting the door and replacing the hardware can work wonders, and a bright color that really pops can add character and interest to an otherwise neutral exterior.

Of course, if you’re looking to settle into your home as opposed to selling it, then these curb appeal renovations can lean a little more heavily towards your own personal taste – and also, towards your practical needs. Perhaps its time to make less glamorous repairs to gutters and downspouts; or perhaps you’ve decided to finally spring for that new barbeque and patio remodel you’ve always wanted. Consider the backyard an extension of your home, and put the same care and attention to detail into your plans as you would for any other room in the house. From fireplaces and spas to bars and televisions, the sky’s the limit. Get started by brainstorming your ideas with an experienced custom builder, and get ready to start living your best life in your home.

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