Planning Association green lights red curb, La Jolla Farms project

Several items sailed through the La Jolla Community Planning Association (CPA) approval process during its Sept. 6 meeting, with only minor objections or questions.

Valet Parking: CPA trustees approved a valet parking permit for Finest City Valet, which will operate a public valet parking service in front of Barfly restaurant at 909 Prospect St. La Jolla’s Traffic and Transportation committee approved the permit at its July meeting.

Finest City owner Troy Martin said the cost will be a flat rate of $10 per vehicle, and that the service will be available to anyone, regardless of whether they are Barfly patrons. Cars will be parked in the garage beneath Barfly.

Street Closures:

Trustees also approved planned street closures for the 9th annual Concours d’Elegance car show, to be held April 6-7, 2013. Traffic and Transportation approved the street closures in July, pending the demonstrated approval of businesses along Prospect and Wall Streets.

The only change to this year’s event, said event president Michael Dorvillier, will be its expansion to a portion of Girard Avenue between Prospect and Wall Streets. Though a portion of the north side of Girard will be blocked off for the event, two lanes of traffic will still be accessible on the south side of Girard.

The Concours event costs about $200,000 to produce and typically raises about $60,000 for its beneficiaries, the La Jolla Historical Society and the Monarch School.

Curb Red Lines:

Barber Tract homeowner Ron McLeod was given CPA approval to paint a section of curb opposite his driveway red, despite some trustees’ concerns that it could set a precedent in which other homeowners would demand the same concession.

McLeod said he and his wife are unable to get their cars in and out of their driveway when other vehicles are parked on the street in the vicinity.

“Our street is narrow, less than 20 feet wide,” McLeod said. “If a car or a truck is parked across from us, it is almost impossible to get out.”

CPA trustee Tom Brady said he was one of three ‘no’ votes on the Traffic and Transportation committee, due to his concern over already scarce parking.

Architect Matthew Walsh, who represented McLeod, noted that if the couple is unable to park in their driveway they would occupy an additional street parking space anyway.

Trustee Tim Lucas said the McLeods must be able to back out of their driveway, in case of an emergency.

“It shouldn’t be illegal to get out of your driveway,” he said.

Home Rebuild:

CPA trustees also approved a Coastal Development Permit to demolish a 10,383 square-foot house and build a new 9,708 square-foot home on 2.37 acres, at 9882 La Jolla Farms Road. The proposed residence would also include an attached four-car garage and 951-square-foot pool house-companion unit.

Paul Metcalf, representing the adjacent Encore Trust Residence at 9872 La Jolla Farms Road, which is currently under construction, expressed some minor concerns with the location of the pool house, though several nearby residents spoke highly of the project and its modest scale.

“We think this is a real sensitively designed project,” Peterson said. “Obviously, there’s no neighborhood controversy over it.”

New Trustee:

Finally, newly appointed CPA trustee Bob Collins was sworn in during the Sept. 6 meeting.