Planners, residents laud revised La Jolla home rebuild

By Pat Sherman

A proposed coastal home rebuild at 7106 Vista Del Mar in WindanSea that was previously panned by residents and denied approval by the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA) received glowing praise following substantial plan revisions that some are calling a model of compromise.

During its November meeting, the LJCPA voted 11-0-3 that findings could be made to grant coastal and site development permits to demolish an existing 3,321-square-foot, two-story home and construct a 3,036-square-foot, two-story home over a 2,222-square-foot basement.

La Jolla land-use attorney Matt Peterson, who represented the property owners, noted that the project’s main opponent, neighbor Jeremy Horowitz, withdrew his opposition based on the recent revisions, the result of meetings between the property owners and Island Architects.

Revisions included lowering the height of chimneys and rooflines and moving the home further from the street to preserve public views of the coast.

“We basically pushed it more into the ground and trimmed some off the top,” Peterson said. “Now the house is significantly below the 30-foot height limit.

“(The architects) really put pencil-to-paper and decided to work with Mr. Horowitz,” Peterson added. “It was a painful process, but I think well worth it.”

Trustee Phil Merten said projects voted down by the LJCPA are often appealed to the city, and sometimes approved, resulting in projects “that the citizenry is not particularly happy with.

“I really want to congratulate the property owner for working with the architect and adjusting this project so that it does work on that street,” Merten said. “I think this is what we’d like to see every applicant do when projects are contentious.”

Trustees Bob Collins and David Little abstained from the vote, with Collins saying he felt the project still didn’t conform to the La Jolla Community Plan, and Little saying he still had concerns about the view being blocked along adjacent Fern Glen.

The next LJCPA meeting

is 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5 at the La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St., where LJCPA members will consider:•

Whether to appeal a proposed remodel

of the Henely residence at 615 Wrelton Drive

(just north of Tourmaline Surf Park) to the California Coastal Commission.

The owners are seeking a coastal development permit for a remodel that would involve rebuilding an existing 1,733-square-foot, one-story house and adding an additional 4,064 square feet, plus various improvements such as walls and a second Jacuzzi.

During its August meeting, the LJCPA determined that findings could not be made for the permit, though the San Diego Planning Commission upheld the permit in November. Residents are concerned with the property’s use as a “vacation rental.”

Discuss proposed traffic calming chokers on West Muirlands Drive

  1. The item was approved in October by the Traffic and Transportation Committee, but pulled for further discussion last month by LJCPA trustee Fran Zimmerman.

A full hearing for a 198-square-foot

sidewalk café La Valencia Hotel

is proposing

for its expanded Café La Rue (formerly the Whaling Bar), fronting Prospect Street.

In November, the Development Permit Review Committee found that the project applicants had not sufficiently devised a method to keep the sidewalk clear for pedestrians, nor addressed possible encroachments. The Planned District Ordinance Committee previously approved the plans.

Consider a revised design for Whitney mixed-use building in La Jolla Shores

  1. The property owners are seeking coastal and site development permits to demolish existing structures and construct a three-story building with two condominiums, 2,000 square feet of commercial space and basement parking at 2202 and 2206 Avenida De La Playa. The La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee did not approve the project permits in November, based on the “excessive upper floor building area,” which it determined is “out of character in form and relationship with the other mixed-use buildings in the area.”
A special meeting on the project was planned at La Jolla Rec Center on Dec. 3.

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