PIP breast implant scare prompts renewed safety concerns and interest in breast augmentation revision surgeries among plastic surgery patients


By Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS

Over the last few months, plastic surgeons worldwide have been keeping a close eye on the developing situation in France concerning dangerous PIP silicone

breast implants

, manufactured by the company Poly Implant Prothese and constructed using non-medical-grade silicone. According to the

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

, PIP was forced to cease production of the implants as of 2010; but prior to their removal from the medical marketplace, at least 30,000 French women and thousands of others throughout the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and South America received the implants during breast augmentation surgeries. The industrial grade silicone used in the manufacture of the PIP implants significantly increases the likelihood of a rupture, and subsequently contributes to possible health concerns associated with the dissemination of the silicone throughout the body. As a result, French authorities are offering to foot the bill for breast augmentation revision surgeries, while U.K. officials are conducting a review before deciding on similar procedures.

Meanwhile, plastic surgery patients and doctors alike both abroad and throughout the U.S. are revisiting the issue of

breast implant safety

– and along with it, the frequent need for breast augmentation revision surgery to maintain shape and comfort and reduce complication risk for implant patients. In cases like that of the PIP implants or other faulty or ruptured products, many plastic surgeons recommend revision surgery to remove the dangerous implants and possibly replace them with safer, medical-grade products. However, there are a number of other reasons why plastic surgery patients may solicit breast implant revision, removal or replacement, such as:
  • Mechanized failure, rupture or leaking of one or both implants
  • Oversized or undersized implants
  • A newer generation of implants with improved features
  • The desire to upgrade from Moderate Profile implants to High or Moderate Profile Plus implants
  • The need or desire for implant removal without replacement implants
  • Noticeable changes in breast contour or size due to pregnancy
  • Hard, encapsulated, distorted or misshapen breasts
  • Wrinkled breasts
  • Lack of interest in maintaining breast implants later in life
Faced with these or other concerns regarding their existing breast implants, it is important for patients to seek out the services of an experienced breast augmentation revision plastic surgeon who can make the necessary adjustments for optimal safety and satisfaction.

Breast augmentation revision surgery with a best rated and board certified plastic surgeon

Particularly in light of alarming revelations like those concerning the French PIP breast implants, it is critical that patients find an experienced and board certified surgeon they can trust when it comes to any and all plastic surgery procedures. At our award-winning plastic surgery offices, we offer top quality medical expertise and over 27 years of breast surgery experience, as well as specialization in

breast augmentation revision surgery

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