Pilates Plus La Jolla can offer benefits in less time through high intensity Pilates

By Marti Gacioch

Pilates is a form of exercise that develops core strength, improves posture, creates lean muscle and improves joint flexibility — and its benefits are quickly noticeable.

“People using Pilates see change in themselves right away; they often use muscles they haven’t used before and feel tighter and stronger and have more energy,” Jessica Shehab, owner of Pilates Plus La Jolla, said.

Shehab said she began using Pilates in Los Angeles eight years ago while she was working as a real estate marketer. Three years later, when the real estate market crashed, she decided to follow her real passion by opening her own Pilates studio in La Jolla.

Pilates appeals to all ages, but Shehab’s demographic hits ages 25-60. Her Pilates exercise is performed on machines that feature spring resistance.

“Imagine that you’re pushing away on a force that has a spring connected to it; we’re able to change the resistance to increase or decrease the weight,” Shehab said. “It’s a full-body exercise that everyone does on their own machines for 40 minutes.”

Pilates Plus La Jolla has 10 Pilates machines and 15 indoor sitting bikes for stationary cycling. Shehab created a one-of-a-kind class called “Ride & Glide” that includes 25 minutes of cycling and 25 minutes of Pilates. For people who prefer an intense spin, Pilates Plus offers 10 of these very popular “Ride & Glide” classes each week. However, participants can feel free to go at their own paces.

“Our slogan is ‘less time and higher intensity,’” Shehab said. “The people who do the 40-minute full-body workout are going to leave in a sweat because it increases energy, metabolism and mood.”

Pilates Plus offers an affordable price structure to introduce clients to the classes: the first class is $10; the first week is $59 and the first month is $149.

During the last week of January, Pilates Plus will celebrate its fifth year with offer an anniversary special. Look for details on Pilates Plus’ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Pilates Plus La Jolla,

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