Philanthropy Spotlight: Sundt Memorial Foundation


In 1994, following the loss of his two brothers to drug addictions, Jon Sundt started the Sundt Memorial Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to inspire young people to make healthy choices and to not use drugs.

Over the last 14 years, the La Jolla-based foundation has reached out to millions of children across the country through school assemblies, educational resources and the “Natural High” video series. In 2005, “Natural High 2” was distributed to more than 114,000 schools across the country and the latest edition of the video, “Natural High 3,” was sent out to schools in October 2007.

Sundt Memorial Foundation is currently in production on “Natural High 4.” The “Natural High” DVD series uses modern role models - such as athletes and celebrities - to inspire students to work hard in school and make smart choices in order to avoid destructive behavior.

Sundt now has a larger vision for his foundation and invites people across the nation to join in, because he imagines a national change in substance abuse awareness. He hopes to change the culture of drug use not only for today, but also for the future.

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