Philanthropy Spotlight: San Diego Police Foundation

Every year, the nonprofit San Diego Police Foundation helps support the law enforcement officers who work to keep San Diego safe.

Organized by ordinary San Diego “civilians,” the foundation brings into the public light some of the discretionary needs of local law enforcement, including SWAT protective vests, new police bicycles and enhanced evidence-gathering tools for the department.

The SDPF also provides funds to buy all of the police dogs for duty with the SDPD’s K-9 unit, the largest street police K-9 unit in America.

The foundation also sponsors educational events each year, including the popular Inside SDPD program, which lets the public see what goes on behind the scenes in policing America’s Finest City. The program serves as a sort of “Citizen’s Academy” with city attorneys, local councils and community members getting the low-down on how the San Diego police force works.

Whether increasing officer safety, tackling crime-prevention issues or creating support programs for victims of domestic violence, the charitable activities of the organization are welcomed by the SDPD and the community at large.

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