Philanthropy Spotlight: NP Strategies

Founded in 2005, NP Strategies is a nonprofit strategy consulting organization that is focused on improving the lives of San Diegans by strengthening the nonprofit organizations that support our communities. It does this by providing high-quality strategic and management assistance to nonprofits, enabling them to reach new levels of performance and impact.

NP Strategies’ model is simple: Nonprofit organizations need many of the same things that businesses need to succeed - a sound strategy, talented people, access to outside resources and funding - but the challenges of obtaining those things is often far greater for nonprofits, particularly the small- and medium-sized organizations. NP Strategies bridges that gap by providing nonprofits with the same level of high-quality strategic assistance that for-profits have access to, but at fees nonprofits can afford.

In addition to assisting one organization at a time through its consulting services, NP Strategies is focused on breadth of impact in two main ways. First, it’s helping to equip next-generation nonprofit leaders with the strategic thinking skills necessary to run successful organizations. Through a partnership with UCSD, it provides opportunities for graduate students with an interest in nonprofit management to gain hands-on experience working on consulting projects and applying academic concepts to real challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. Second, NP Strategies is committed to developing white papers and other knowledge pieces in order to share its learnings with the nonprofit sector as a whole.

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