Philanthropy Spotlight: National Charity League


The National Charity League (NCL) was founded in Los Angeles in 1925 as “The Charity League.” This nonprofit national organization is composed of mothers and daughters. Participants come together through community contribution within a number of chapters throughout the country.

NCL’s goal is to develop and nurture a sense of community accountability in the young girls, who take part in a six-year program of charitable efforts, educational activities and enlightening, cultural programs. The foundation also works to strengthen the mother-daughter bond.

Each chapter of NCL develops its own programs that build up this relationship through a range of components. The seven NCL chapters in San Diego County have a combined membership of more than 800 mothers, who are referred to as “Patronesses,” and around 900 daughters, called “Ticktockers.”

In 2007, NCL’s 104 philanthropies netted 63,211 Patroness hours and 27,984 Ticktocker hours.

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