Pharmacy lecture series begins

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy’s inaugural Healthy Living Lecture Series will begin at 7 p.m., Oct. 8 at the store, 7650 Girard, La Jolla. The series will feature five evening presentations by experts from a diverse range of health care specialties. " The Science of Beautiful Skin” leads the series with a talk by Sanitas Skincare formulator Ben Fuchs, also a registered pharmacist and cosmetic chemist.

Oct. 15: “Aging Beautifully with Raw Nutrition,” with Sunny Griffin, former supermodel and founder of Astara Skin Care.

Oct. 29: “What the Drug Companies Won’t Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn’t Know,” with Dr. Michael Murray, a naturopathic doctor and best-selling author.

Nov. 5: “Relieve Your Migraines and Headaches Naturally,” with Robert Bonakdar, M.D., director of pain management at the Scripps Clinic Medical Group in La Jolla.

Nov. 9: “The Whole Omega-3 Story Has Yet to be Told,” with author Stuart Tomc, a consultant to the World Health Organization and the national educator for Nordic Naturals.

Tickets for each lecture are $10 and include refreshments and a $10 Pharmaca gift card. Reservations are encouraged at (858) 454-1337.