Pay attention to those La Jolla traffic signs

By Dave Schwab

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?

A lot of drivers in La Jolla probably have: You know, that feeling of the red lights blinking behind you.

And, for sure, the police who patrol our streets have, seeing the same offenses over and over at key spots.

Looking over the Crime Maps Incident Reports on the Automated Regional Justice Information website, a handful of locations repeat themselves time and again. From July 1 to Aug. 20, the report shows a whole lot of citations issued at the following locations:

— La Jolla Scenic North Drive and Moonridge Drive — 135 citations;

— 6400 La Jolla Scenic South Drive — 56;

— 6400 La Jolla Boulevard — 48 citations, and

— Cardeno Drive and La Jolla Scenic Drive South — 21 citations.

In all, police and parking officers logged 495 traffic citations during that month and a half.

As it turns out, the most often ticketed spot — listed as Scenic Drive North near Moonridge Drive — is a traffic island above La Jolla Parkway. (There’s also a sign prohibiting left-hand turns at the exact intersection of the two streets between 7:30 and 10 a.m. )

The ARJIS report shows most of the tickets there are in the morning drive time between about 7 and 10 a.m.

Police Lt. Rick O’Hanlon of the Traffic Division said it appears motorists backed up on the parkway heading into the Village are making U-turns to try and shave a few minutes off their commutes.

Problem is, it’s illegal to make a U-turn “over a divided highway at a simulated island,” he said.

So instead saving time turns into a short-cut to an expensive traffic ticket.

The next most ticketed spot is along La Jolla Scenic South where speeders are being caught. Fourth highest is a spot down the hill which is also where speeders get caught.

Between those is 6400 La Jolla Boulevard approaching Pearl Street. There’s an alleyway a block or two past La Jolla Methodist Church and a posted 25 mph speed sign where motorists traveling appreciably more than that speed are often greeted by two uniformed motorcycle officers and issued warnings/citations.

Third in line is the area Want to find out about crimes in La Jolla, Megan’s Law, Who’s in Jail? Go to

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