Parkway potholes popping tires

After the rains came the potholes on La Jolla Parkway. And then came at least five cars with flat tires as a result.

A longtime La Jolla resident called The Light on Dec. 8 and reported that after his right front tire ruptured, he coasted into the Encon station at La Jolla Shores Drive. While he was there, another car hobbled in with both right-side tires flat and then a third after that.

When Eastgate Towing’s driver arrived, he told the drivers there had been two others on Monday night and a police officer parked nearby said he’d heard of the incidents as well and went to check the situation.

As a result of complaints, the city’s street department was on the case, although a spokeswoman in Councilwoman Sherri Lightner’s office said she had had only one report on the problem.

“It’s on the list and should be done within 24 hours, but I can’t promise that,” said Kim LaSelle, project manager in the city’s street division, on Dec. 9. “The need is huge. Our staff is out there working as fast as they can.”

LaSelle added that heavy volume of traffic on La Jolla Parkway would likely force work crews to patch the La Jolla Parkway potholes at night.

Potholes are put on the immediate repairs list as they are reported. To report problem potholes, call (619) 527-7500.