Parking plan advances

La Jolla Traffic & Transportation (TNT) Board last week unanimously passed a comprehensive plan updating rainbow curbs throughout the downtown Village.

If enacted, proponents say the plan would free up more public parking, eliminate redundant or unused bus and commercial loading zones and establish a uniform 30-minute time limit for temporary parking.

The TNT board includes members from La Jolla’s four planning advisory groups and Promote La Jolla, representing merchants.

TNT’s rainbow curb plan is the culmination of a comprehensive Village survey recently conducted by Orrin Gabsch and other volunteers which evaluated red no parking, white three-minute passenger loading, green temporary parking and yellow commercial loading zones. Blue disabled spaces were not considered.

The rainbow curb survey concluded revising color-coded curbs could add 63 additional parking spaces in the Village.

“The next stage is for our recommendations to go to the La Jolla Community Planning Association (CPA) for approval,” said TNT Board president Todd Lesser. “If they pass the CPA, then it will be sent off to the city. If the city has no concerns, it will get implemented.”

One of several motions discussed and voted on by the TNT board included a proposal for new green temporary parking in front of Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ at 888 Prospect St. which wanted a 30-minute spot for the lunch hour.

Lesser said the group must be cautious in granting requests for new temporary parking. “The problem is, every restaurant that does lunch would want a green space,” he said.