Parents warned about woman approaching children at La Jolla Elementary campus

By Dave Schwab

La Jolla Elementary School (LJES) officials are looking for information about an unknown woman who beckoned children on the blacktop area around the school’s upper grade building Thursday morning.

The woman was seen handing children “plastic cupcake and animal containers filled with sealed candy and telling them God was in the containers,” according to a message sent to parents.

“The containers were very eye-catching,” said La Jolla Elementary Principal Donna Tripi, adding the teacher who was with the children who were approached thought at first it might be a grandparent or someone they knew.

The campus police officer from La Jolla High headed over to LJES and was canvassing the area to see what he could learn, the message to parents said. Tripi also notified principals of other local public and private schools.

The woman was described by Tripi as in her late 40s or early 50s, thin, with platinum blond hair, blue eyes and “perfect makeup.” Tripi said the woman was well-dressed in a suit with a skirt, and her Corvette had deep red metallic paint. The vehicle had music blaring from it when the woman was encountering the children.

“We reinforce with our kids that they can’t go up and talk to strangers or take anything from a stranger,” Tripi said adding the school’s campus is locked and there’s adult supervision of children at all times as precautionary measures.

The principal sent an e-blast to school parents and is hoping to get leads on who the woman is.

“It’s scary for kids and adults because we don’t know her and don’t know her intentions and we’d like to contact her and let her know we don’t want her to interact with the kids,” Tripi said.