Parade speaks volumes about community

On Sunday, we’ll get a chance to see all the hard work of the La Jolla Town Council’s Christmas Parade Committee come together for the 52nd time.

These days, with the economic predicament facing individuals and merchants, putting on a community event is a daunting task, and to come up with about $45,000 is a big one. As late as Tuesday, when the Light went to press, the committee was still looking for some donations to close the final gap.

But there was never a chance the parade wouldn’t happen, said those on the committee headed by Ann Kerr Bach. The parade and accompanying Holiday Festival mean too much to La Jollans, they said.

Take a look at the official parade program in today’s Light and you’ll see two long lists: one of the sponsors and another of the committee volunteers. All of those people, from the smallest donors to the largest, deserve a large pat on the back.

This is a tireless bunch of people who will be out directing floats and cars and bands and horses into the right spots while others make sure the lights on the Christmas tree go on and that Santa shows up for his photos.

This year, thanks to Audrey Geisel and the Dr. Seuss Foundation, there’s an extra treat: The Grinch will join the fun.

And thanks, too, to La Jolla’s merchants who open their doors and welcome visitors and diners. This year, that list includes the folks at Jose’s on Prospect who are throwing a flauta-eating contest into the end of the day’s fun and adding some activities for the younger set before the parade.

The parade is truly an event La Jollans should point to as a sign that community works. Get out and enjoy the efforts of your neighbors and say thanks along the way.