Panel redefines meaning of ‘shared’

By Ellen Shively

La Jolla Friends of the Seals

The concept of “shared” usually means to give something to others. It was redefined in the worst way at the La Jolla Parks committee meeting on April 26 to mean “take from.” Decisions were made unanimously to continue “shared use” as a policy for Children’s Pool. But the ideas of “sharing” — such as closing the beach during pupping season, while allowing people on the beach the other half of the year and keeping the rope up year-round as a guideline — were not given a moment’s consideration.

Instead, total unrestricted use of the beach for people was approved for Ms. Lightner to take back to City Hall. There is no sharing in this policy. If the San Diego City Council adopts this nonsharing position, the seals will have no respite from people on the beach 24 hours a day. Their sleep and other psychosocial needs will be greatly hampered at all times. Eventually, with continued disturbances, they may disappear from sight. Children’s contacts with marine mammals will happen in commercial parks — where families pay dearly to watch captive animals do tricks for 12 hours, live in a swimming pool and are hand-fed by trainers. Ask the children which group of animals they would rather see — those living free at Casa Beach or the captives. La Jollans will have a chance to attend another meeting tonight (MAY 6) at the Rec Center. Let the community know your definition of “sharing” as it applies to the seals of Casa Beach.