Out with the old, in with the new at La Jolla’s Seaside Home

Seaside Home, 1055 Wall St., has begun a re-branding process that includes sale prices on its $4 million inventory to make room for re-setting the floor with merchandise more conducive to a high-end, service-oriented Studio of Interior Design.

“The re-imagining of Seaside Home began with a merger of renowned La Jolla designer Kathleen Buoymaster’s Studio into Seaside Home, and the creation of a state-of-the-art interior design library in June 2013,” said owner Sheryll Jackman. “This was followed by affiliating with legendary interior designer Joanne Hutchinson, ASID, in August 2013. Together, we are embarking on an entirely new concept for the San Diego region — the creation of an all-encompassing service-centered, concierge-level interior design destination in the heart of La Jolla.”

The store was closed for one week to allow for staging and assertive pricing of its stock, and will officially reopen as Seaside Home, Studio of Interior Design in the beginning 2014. Meanwhile, Seaside Home will continue to service its clients with the quality furnishings that have established it as a fine home enhancement studio.

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