Out with the activists

There is no governance in La Jolla. Filthy downtown streets — and sidewalks — are eyesores. Drivers accelerate vehicles, ignoring the crosswalks. (An occasional car does stop as the law requires.) A rare police person — never on foot —drives by, perhaps responding to a nonemergency call.

Civic groups “lose” funds, making their efforts sullied. Stores are closing, unable to cope with outrageous rents for this economy. Enter the greedy activists and their nervy downtown counterparts ...

Don’t blame us who are longtime residents near the Children’s Pool, the Cove and the Shores for the activists’ spending of the taxpayers’ dollars. They have caused this debacle. And the 200 seals will be 400 before many years pass. SeaWorld can demonstrate what animal care costs, well done.

An added note is that these beasts will teach the children ... huh? ... Professors all over the nation report that their college students cannot read or write. Why don’t the activist busybodies turn their attention to grammar for the young?

Florence Carlson

La Jolla