Our View: The Light launches series exploring communities’ strengths and weaknesses

The Light’s story this week on the state of vacancies in La Jolla’s central business district is the first in a series of articles we plan to publish that will take an in-depth look at La Jolla and compare it to other communities in the area. The La Jolla Light is in a unique position to do this in that our company also publishes hometown newspapers in Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carmel Valley and Rancho Santa Fe.

These five communities have much in common, particularly that they are all the most affluent in San Diego County. While some residents of these five communities choose to live at the beach and others have elected more land and greater privacy inland, the demographics and lifestyles are quite similar. What is different, however, is that two of the communities are incorporated cities, two are within the boundaries of the City of San Diego, and one has a homeowners association that supplements county services.

In looking at the issues that affect our communities, our goal is to put them in context and to explore how residents and communities fare under the different forms of government. In addition to business, we plan to look at schools, safety, infrastructure and lifestyles. We welcome your ideas on subjects we should tackle — write to us