Our view: One more time: Take down those ugly signs

More than a month ago, we appealed to business owners and the La Jolla Village Merchants Association to tackle the sign blight that is tarnishing our Jewel. But instead of seeing any improvement, we’ve actually seen more of the illegal A-frame signs. 
We know the city won’t get to these violations any time soon so we’re renewing our call for the merchants group to take a stand on the signs. Encourage your members to take them down. Put the matter on your agenda for your October meeting and let’s get moving. You’re the ones saying, “Put the Village back in La Jolla,” so start the cleanup now.

We also encourage La Jollans to ask merchants to take the signs down. When you go into your favorite shops that use the A-frames or other streetside banners, tell them you’d appreciate it if they would do their part to cleanup La Jolla. Maybe merchants will listen to valued customers.

Perhaps the Light could help with a “Wall of Shame,” naming the businesses that are out of compliance with the sign ordinance. We’d rather not go there but something has to be done. 
We welcome any other suggestions.