Our View: Just ask the editor and we’ll search for an answer

We want to help you get answers to those questions that are puzzling you so this week we kick off a new feature: Ask the editor.

E-mail us those perplexing or quirky questions about things in La Jolla that concern you, such as what’s up with the new business down the street or safety concerns in your neighborhood. Or maybe you’re wondering about the history of a particular building or want to know what to do if your child hasn’t had a pertussis vaccination before school starts.

An example of what we might find out can be seen on this site in a story where a lifeguard talks about getting meningitis, perhaps from the filth at the old Children’s Pool lifeguard tower. (The story evolved from two readers who told us this was happening so we turned it into questions to our sources.)

Sometimes your question might turn into a full story; other times it might just be a short answer. We’ll do our best to investigate your queries in the next edition, so let us know what’s got you scratching your head and we’ll try and help.

Send your questions to