Our View: It’s summertime — Do your part to stop car thieves

Summertime in La Jolla brings a lot of good things, from Concerts by the Sea to Summerfest and more activity (hopefully) for our local businesses, restaurants and hotels.

But it also brings out the bad — an increase in thieves who figure they can capitalize on the increase in traffic and number of people in town. We’ve seen a spike in the number reported by the police department’s eWatch notification system much as we did a year ago. Over the span of 10 days, there were at least 10 car break-ins or thefts in La Jolla alone, with many of those in the Shores area.

Every year police issue the same words of wisdom:

• Don’t leave things in plain sight;

• Don’t put things in the trunk after you park because the bad guys may be watching;

• Don’t hide your keys on your car.

And be aware that the things that the laptops, GPS systems, iPods and cell phones top the “most according to the Regional Auto Theft Task Force. They also like sunglasses and CDS, to say nothing of purses and wallets.

It should go without these reminders, but every year the thieves seem to be smarter than the good guys. Let’s see what we can do to change that. Think twice when you leave the house about what’s in your car that might attract unwanted attention.

If you want to track what’s going on in your neighborhood, sign up for what the website calls a sort of “cyber” neighborhood watch at And if you see anything fishy going on, be a good neighbor and report it to the police.