Our View: Be thankful this holiday season and share your blessings


As we welcome the start of holiday season with Thanksgiving this week, we stop to recognize the blessings that we have. While some say thanks for their faith, others for their health or their jobs, it’s likely all of us give thanks that we live and work in a community that many call Paradise.

Sure, there are some parts of La Jolla that need fixing — our streets and sidewalks, traffic, not enough money for our schools. Despite that, we do have a lot to remember this holiday season: great people who care about their community, philanthropists and volunteers who go out of their way to make life better for those less fortunate, and business owners and merchants who want to succeed.

So we have a suggestion: Let’s share our blessings and help those businesses that depend on our patronage to keep their doors open. Sure, it’s easy to shop on line through those big retailers with the Black Friday deals. But it doesn’t do much for or local folks, many who we’ve seen struggling through the past few years.

It’s not time yet for making New Year resolutions, so let’s just make one big holiday resolution: Think and shop La Jolla first.

Be thankful that we have the variety of businesses we have and, with our support, maybe they’ll grow locally and attract more of the kinds of shops we’d love to see.