Our View: A little effort would go a long way toward a better looking La Jolla

Sign clutter is a topic that will require the cooperation of all of our merchants.

The La Jolla Village Merchants Association members have come up with a long list of ways to improve the business district, from organizing events to bring people to town to working on beautification projects that will make it a more pleasing place when they get here.

Details are still coming together, but we think they’re on the right track with many of their ideas. They deserve credit for putting a lot of effort into finding out what merchants think is important, and the appearance of our Village is right at the top of the list.

We hear it all the time too: La Jolla’s lost its panache, in part because the city can’t afford the upkeep on streets and sidewalks or to pay more than one person to enforce the city’s codes.. Some say the cohesive look that is outlined in our Planned District Ordinance is burdensome. Others think the rules are just out of date. Whatever the issue is with the rules, it’s obvious many just ignore them.

That’s where we all come in. There’s one simple step that would go a long way toward taking the “tacky” out of the Village — follow the rules.

If every business owner were to take down the A-frame signs, banners and flags that have cropped up on way too many curbs and corners, La Jolla would immediately look better.

While we recognize the need to attract customers, consider the fact that these signs might be having the opposite effect and driving people away from your doors.

So step outside and take a look down Girard Avenue or Pearl Street or La Jolla Boulevard. What’s your first impression? If it’s the same as ours — the plethora of illegal signs is a blight on our Village — take yours down.

La Jolla will be better for your action. We say thanks in advance.