Orthodontics scholarship helps students achieve academic goals and optimal health

By Robert Sunstein, D.D.S.

In recent years, child health advocates have made great strides in promoting increased activity levels and better eating habits to combat childhood obesity rates; but while fresh, wholesome meals and physical exercise are vital components for optimal health, so too are regular dental and orthodontic check-ups for kids of all ages. Oral health is fundamentally linked to overall health: and with this in mind, it is important to educate children from an early age about the importance of oral hygiene and corrective orthodontics – and to integrate the idea of healthy teeth and gums into the academic environment.

Many children may be accustomed to once or twice-yearly dental exams; but without understanding the reasoning behind a standard cleaning or check-up, or factoring in the potential advantages of custom orthodontics, it’s no wonder that many students (and even parents) fail to prioritize integrated oral health on a daily basis. Brushing and flossing are essential: but for those with crooked, crowded or poorly aligned teeth and jaws, basic cleaning may be insufficient to safeguard against cavity development, tooth and bone breakdown and even tooth loss. Only professional orthodontic care can correct these conditions and put patients back on track toward full-spectrum health; and as

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, we aim not only to educate our community on the benefits of expert oral care, but also to aid those who may not otherwise have access to orthodontics through the Robert A. Sunstein D.D.S. Orthodontic Scholarship.

Giving back to the La Jolla community

As a long-time La Jolla resident and local business owner with deep ties to my San Diego neighbors and patients, I saw the recent economic crisis as a prime opportunity to give back to my community by supporting local students in need. Our

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office is driven by a passion for patient care that extends beyond the exam chair; and in founding the Robert A. Sunstein D.D. S. Orthodontic Scholarship, we are able to blend compassionate expertise with community support to help young people achieve their goals – and stay healthy in the process.

This month, three students – one each from Torrey Pines Elementary, Birdrock Elementary and Muirelands Middle School – were selected by a committee of academic faculty and administrators, and awarded up to $5,000 in custom orthodontics. All winners demonstrated exemplary character and outstanding achievement in community service, athletics, leadership and/or academics over the past year, in addition to orthodontic need. By providing complimentary orthodontics to these students, our goal is to simultaneously promote academic excellence and oral health education: and by doing so, we hope to build student self-esteem, confidence and vitality – and to lend a hand to the next generation of successful San Diegans along the way.

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