Opinion/Letters to the Editor: Ellen Browning Scripps’ trust is the only dictate to Children’s Pool use


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• Ellen Browning Scripps’ trust is the

only dictate to Children’s Pool use

By Craig Sweeny

La Jolla

In all the articles I have read in this and other local papers about the seals v. humans at the Children’s Pool, you seem to ignore the elephant (seal) in the room: a trust document between the City of San Diego and the estate of Ellen Browning Scripps. What’s next? Scripps Clinic? Green Hospital?

A dangerous precedent is being set, and this and other periodicals are to blame. Instead of presenting the “Intent of the Trustor” and putting into perspective her will, you print articles (letters to the editor) from people who pretend to divine her foresight and will. Her trust was the legal mechanism to enforce her will.

The icing on the cake in this case — the excrement from the seals at the Children’s Pool — is that this has resulted in a legal morass that was enabled by political cronyism and a morally corrupt governor. This diatribe may seem disjointed, but my point is, if through manipulation, you can violate a trust document from the ultimate Patroña of La Jolla, E. B. Scripps, what makes you think your own trust document won’t be sacrosanct?

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith would be well advised to research the pending case in Boston, Mass. of a 350 plus year-old will. He should especially read an article in the

Wall St. Journal

dated Sunday, March 30, 2012. The last paragraph sums it all up: A proponent of the Trust in dispute, a Douglas DeAngelis stated, “After this (decision) why would anyone in the state of Massachusetts create a charitable trust if there’s no guarantee that your wishes will be honored.”

• Time to turn Children’s Pool

into a world-class tourist site

Thank you Mayor Filner and Wan Conservancy, the new seal cam at the Children’s Pool is a wonderful addition to our beautiful city. This area is a treasure, and as you know, has an international reach of love for thousands upon thousands of people who visit this unique setting all year round. This area helps to bring out the best in all of us through the joy and wonder of nature.

What can we do next to honor this natural setting that brings so much joy to people of all ages, beliefs and nationalities?

1.) A visitors center at the Children’s Pool would seem to be the next logical step. Materials could be displayed showing all the positive elements of the area. Since this area is visited 24 hours a day, it seems logical that someone should attend to this area 24 hours a day.

2.) Let’s bring back the natural beauty of this setting through the elimination of the trailers, crumbling walls, etc. We also need regular bathrooms, as the porta-potties are not acceptable today at virtually any location — especially at an internationally acclaimed visitor’s center.

3.) The Sea Wall is a treasure and just needs some refurbishing. Citizens from around the world deserve safe hand-railings and the Coastal Commission should not stand in the way of this type of refurbishment. If we need a “World Citizen” petition to achieve this work on the railings, then let’s begin the process. A fund drive could be started to raise money for the railings. Let’s begin the renewal process!

Steve Arndt

La Jolla

• Marine life in La Jolla

is a boost to the area

I don’t recall there being a problem (at the Children’s Pool) before the seals and the fenced-off seagull area, so I assume some “influentials” believe La Jolla needs harbor seals and seagulls to attract tourists (follow the money). But do the towns of Monterey or Carmel? No. They have their own unique draws.

Where else can you see the true, unique beauty of the jewel that is La Jolla? The Children’s Pool and the harbor seals. Get it? Or lose it!

Pete W.

La Jolla

• Let it be: The seals

belong at Children’s Pool

There are plenty of beaches in La Jolla for people to enjoy. I wish the beach at the Children’s Pool would be left to the seals once and for all, and any access down to the beach removed. It’s unfortunate that there are such immature and ignorant people who would harass the seals, but obviously a rope and a few signs aren’t nearly enough to protect these beautiful animals. And for those of you who complain that the Children’s Pool was meant for families, I have no idea why any parent would want their child to play on a beach or swim in water with all of that animal waste.

M. Late