Opinion: Woman’s Club a legacy worth protecting

By Lois Clifton

Former President, La Jolla Woman’s Club

It appears that it’s time to remind the community of the facts about our beautiful La Jolla Woman’s Club built by noted architect John Gill in 1913.

The club was a gift presented by Ellen Browning Scripps in 1913 with the purpose “to assist the women of La Jolla along the road that leads to full, intelligent and responsible citizenship.”

On March 2, 1973, the city’s Historical Site Board designated the club property as Historical Site #79. This was the first historical site designated in La Jolla.

Nov. 5, 1974, the club was accepted for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. This is a list of distinction, identifying those properties worthy of preservation for their historic value. Recognition is given our building as “the first entry in the National Register for La Jolla. (Yes we are proud; yes we care.)

This is truly a valuable piece of property that La Jolla Woman’s Club members must care for. The upkeep on our building is very expensive.

It requires a very intelligent and knowledgeable board and a highly qualified manager with an outstanding personality who is caring and professionally motivated to bring our historical organization back up to a profitable level.

I was president in 1993-94 when we celebrated 100 years in the wonderful legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps. I was responsible for making sure it was never defaced or added to in any manner because of our clubhouse being a National Historic Site.

And yes we will be in big trouble if we don’t get the latticework down and the trees and shrubs professionally groomed.

We have over 200 members that have given their time in volunteer work; we welcome you into our club socially or as one who is anxious to socialize and volunteer.

In the legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps, we will persevere, making sure our La Jolla Woman’s Club is in good order in that end and no other.