Opinion: Whitney project a travesty

Helen Hammond

La Jolla

As a resident of La Jolla Shores for over 45 years, I have an intense interest in the Whitney Mixed Use Project.

My husband and I were involved in real estate for many years. He was a broker and a developer. We haven’t been naïve about the need for change, due to rising values, however we felt that it should be carried out within the parameters that were established in the community plan by the residents. After all, we are the ones with a vested interest.

It isn’t my wish to keep the plan from being accomplished in a way that is economically feasible, but I think the monstrosity of the design is devastating and overwhelming. To totally ignore the character of the surrounding properties and build the absolute maximum, with no regard for the safety of that corner or the established restriction, is a travesty. I don’t understand why a compromise cannot be made so that the project can be built as an asset to the neighborhood, rather than another example of developer’s greed.