Opinion: We’re making steps toward Village improvements


By Sherri Lightner

Councilwoman, First District

Last week, the City Council voted in closed session to approve a settlement agreement with Promote La Jolla, the nonprofit corporation that previously managed La Jolla’s Business Improvement District (BID). The agreement will allow the City to recover costs from Promote La Jolla’s insurance carrier for improper billing and misused funds. Once the parties involved sign the agreement, that chapter in the Village’s history will be closed.

Village merchants and business owners are already coming together to make a fresh start. In an effort to assist the Village in moving forward, I recently hosted a workshop with San Diego’s BID Council, which represents all the BIDs throughout the city. Many Village merchants took time out of their busy schedules to learn more about how they can form a new group to apply for the contract to operate La Jolla’s BID beginning on July 1, 2011.

I was very encouraged by the positive, productive tone of the event. Several people have already come forward and volunteered to participate in a new nonprofit management corporation to operate La Jolla’s BID in the future. Many have mentioned the importance of getting new people to lead this effort.

Starting this week, an organizer is going door-to-door to follow up on the surveys that were recently mailed to all BID members, talk to merchants one-on-one about their priorities, and encourage people to participate.

If you have already volunteered to participate in the new group, the organizer will be contacting you shortly to follow up. If you would like to volunteer to participate in the new group or have additional suggestions you would like to share, please contact Warren Simon at the San Diego BID Council:

, or (619) 239-2437.

In addition, please feel free to contact my office at (619) 236-6611 or

if we may be of additional assistance.

Thank you to all who have been supportive of the Village’s business community. I look forward to working with you to realize your vision for the Village.