Opinion: Weed blower ‘song’ less than desirable


New songbird of La Jolla — the weed blower. I think the term “beating a dead horse” could well be applied to the overuse of these noisy, trashy, and basically useless polluting machines.

I watch and hear tiny lots being assaulted for 30 to 40 minutes — two times — with these monsters. What are they doing? Is a leaf here and there now “socially unacceptable’?

And then people wonder why their houses are always so dusty?

Many areas of L.A. have actually banned their use, and I’ve read of ‘days allowed” type of plans, limiting the days each week for yard work — because this 7-days-a-week nonsense really needs to end. As I write this, it is not yet 11 a.m. on Saturday and I am hearing the third blower of the day.

Oh! The best part? Blower Wars. Blowing all the junk into the street, onto cars, and into the neighbor’s yard, so their gardener can blow it right back — since no one can be bothered to pick it up, anymore.

Amazing …

Rand Hogan

La Jolla