Opinion: Torrey Pines Elementary’s online auction benefits merchants, too

Cheryl Luque

Vice president for fundraising

Torrey Pines Elementary School Foundation


What do you get when you cross a recession, education budget cuts and the Internet?


The Torrey Pines Elementary School Online Holiday Auction.

With everyone hit hard right now – the families, the schools and the merchants, we looked for something that would benefit everyone involved. The On-line Holiday Auction seemed like the perfect vehicle to spread the gift of giving.

Over 500 items have been donated by hundreds of merchants for the auction, which closes on Dec. 2, beginning around 9 p.m.

Students benefit from the funds raised through an enhanced elementary school experience. All proceeds go towards programs such as the art program, the music program, PE, PE enrichment, class-size reduction, the literacy/writing program, the library, the technology program, grade-level enhancement, teacher supply support and science lab support.

Merchants benefit from target advertising. In exchange for the donation, merchants enjoy the benefits of having an auction page for each item donated with a link to the merchant website. We are also in the process of creating the TPES Yellow Pages which lists every merchant who has supported our school. This is part of a program called “Support the Merchants that Support our Students.” We hope that this additional exposure to the community will help drive business in their direction.

Families will be able to shop online and get some great deals. They can also enjoy knowing that the money they are spending is going to benefit over 400 elementary school children.

To date we have over 2,000 bids and things are heating up. There are so many wonderful items.

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