OPINION: Thanks for controversy coverage


Thanks to The Light for reporting of the “controversy” surrounding The La Jolla Woman’s Club. The highly emotional and orchestrated rhetoric espoused by the discontented makes one wonder what the real motives behind the scene are. I have found out what they are.

I have a very good friend that belongs to the LJWC. She is a very bright and “with it” senior citizen that recently served on the Club Board. She tells me that the real problem is driven by an extremely small group that is upset about aesthetics at the club. ... She says they are damaging the wonderful reputation of the club and are making a “tempest in a teapot.

My friend points out to me that the members pay the grand sum of $30 annually to belong to the club and for that they receive free coffee, pastries and wine on most bridge days. What is not to like about that?

Get a life ladies!

Rebecca Ruth Cohen

University City