Opinion: Thanks for a general’s service


Gen. Jeanne Holm was a very great lady. She served in our military forces for many decades and she served as a model for other women who wanted to be serving our blessed country. In reading about her in the New York Times obits, I discovered her. And I was amazed how dedicated she was in the service. And when I found a sponsor for a plaque mounting on the Mount Soledad Memorial wall, I was very moved. The sponsor recognized this fine general as a most deserving person. As a started, I aimed to find a sponsor. But, when I proposed it to the Mount Soledad Memorial Association and Brig. Gen. Earl Van Inwegen decided to sponsor the plaque, I was thrilled, because my search ceased.

I remember that every day of our lives is a Thanksgiving whereby we thank the Almighty for the day when we rise and see the sky, the flowers, the huge pines rooted deep in the neighborhood.

Frieda L. Levinsky

La Jolla