Opinion: Take and give back the charm


Reports are circulating that La Jolla, the village with its own charm, is losing it. How can we restore it? Village groups are researching the problem of recapturing the charm of the original settlement. These beginnings cannot be ignored, replaced or forgotten.

In the early 1900s, the area was a retreat, a Sangri-la spot for the artists, writers and musicians. Scientists, philosophers and physicians all came to practice their arts in a beautiful, peaceful setting, which stimulated creativity.

During the next half century, La Jolla Village suffered the expected growing pains. The green, chaparral-covered hillsides became building sites as veterans, business entrepreneurs and others flocked to La Jolla.

Some newcomers came with little desire to blend in or enhance. Many only had profit in mind. Perhaps the secret to maintaining the charm is not only to TAKE but to GIVE back.

It is important to build on La Jolla’s original identity. The villagers themselves may have dozens of good ideas to submit.

Patricia Weber

La Jollan since 1953