Opinion: Take a look for signs elsewhere

In response to Craig Morgan, who seems to condone the continued use of so-called A-frame signs, I have a suggestion: Drive up to Del Mar or over to Coronado and — surprise — you won’t see them. Is business bad in these places because owners are prevented by the law from placing signs on the sidewalks? Hardly.

The truth is, business is better because visual pollution is rare, which makes it welcoming and suggestive of success. Nothing succeeds like success. Likewise, the existence of billboards, banners, signs and other man-made visual elements, meant to drum up business, leads instead to a situation in which the overall aesthetic features of the town decline. It’s a vicious cycle.

Thus, I commend the La Jolla Light for highlighting this burgeoning problem and for stressing that, like it or not, A-frame signs are illegal for a reason — a reason that in fact has much to do with encouraging more business, not less.

James P. Rudolph

La Jolla