OPINION: Seals at Cove are unwelcome

Has anyone else noticed or commented on the seals on the rocks at the entrance to La Jolla Cove looking longingly at the beach? I walk down there every morning around 6:30 and have seen them on the rocks getting closer and closer to the beach over the last two months. Two people who swim at the Cove have reported (recently) that a seal harassed them close to the quarter-mile marker, butting them, and the male swimmer had to growl at the seal to get it to go away. This is the most recent of several uncomfortable encounters between seals and swimmers in recent months that I am aware of, and I don’t even swim there. Are we going to have a repeat of the Children’s Pool at the Cove - please no. What can we humanely do to prevent them becoming unwelcome lodgers at the Cove beach?

Anne Rowland

La Jolla