OPINION: Pine nut prices are nutty

I found Catharine Kaufman’s article interesting, regarding pine nuts. I’ve been buying the Kirkland brand Pine Nuts (1.5 pounds) at Costco for ages. The price has always been $14.99 for the bag. In May when I went to purchase another bag, the same package was $26.99. This past week I noticed they are now $38 for the same bag.

I assumed the rapid rise in cost was due to the terrible blight of pine trees all over the world, due to this invasive bark beetle.

In Kelowna, British Columbia, huge stands of pine trees were dying; in Yellowstone Park the same thing. I assumed the pine nut market was hit by this awful plague.

They’re even dying here in La Jolla (fortunately, not the Torrey pine).

Marilyn Bohle

La Jolla