Opinion: One Minute with Leon Campbell

By Leon Campbell


Thanksgiving has been with us since 1621. We are reminded annually of the importance of being thankful for whatever we have to be thankful for. Happily, most of us have something to give thanks for. The problem with Thanksgiving is that it lacks novelty. Turkey, dressing, assorted veggies and pumpkin pie are predictable. It would strike a balance to have a No Thanks Day where we would withhold our thanks for whatever we have to be thankful for. We still would let the world know we have something to be thankful for, but we would say no thanks to giving thanks. For example, if Dad just got a raise, he would announce at dinner to his wife and children that he just got a raise. That’s it. No show of gratitude. No popping of champagne. No grinning. What would be gained by that? An appreciation for giving thanks. I am thankful we do not have a No Thanks Day. I would not like to think that a reader of this stimulating prose says no thanks.